Month: January 2018

How to Avoid Futility During Applicant Tracking and Make the Best Use of Your Resources

The need for an efficient applicant tracking and management system has never been greater. Huge budgets are apportioned to the recruitment process and organizations need to make sure that the money and time are spent wisely. The companies need to track job applicants effectively and get maximum traction out of their recruitment campaigns. All these years, applicants had to fill up forms as the first step of the selection process. They were offered with many options to let the recruiter know of the source which led them to the job. These options are not always easy to choose from,...

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Best Structural Design and Engineering Software in 2018

Many decades ago, when computers and software were unheard-of, the process of planning and constructing buildings was rather slow. However, the current rapid technological advancement has made it possible for civil engineering companies to hasten the construction process while making sure that buildings are strong and of high quality. Today, there is a wide range of software available in the market that can be used in structural engineering. These user-friendly software boost productivity by designing and analyzing large projects in a short time making the construction process more efficient and seamless. This greatly reduces the effort and time required...

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