It’s hard to guess when you’re going to feel so hungry that you need to find a restaurant near you before getting home. You also might never know which restaurant your friend or loved one will choose when you decide to meet for lunch, dinner or breakfast.

These two unknowns mean that you might find yourself eating at an unfamiliar restaurant, and as such, you should check whether it is a good one.

Here are four signs that you are eating in a good restaurant:

1. Is the restaurant’s bathroom clean?

The restrooms are usually at the back of the restaurant, and not everyone uses them. Some establishments fail to take care of them properly because they assume people would never notice how unclean they are.

If you find a clean countertop, well-maintained toilets, and a fresh supply of tissue paper, then you’re in a good restaurant. The final touches should also be superb including the color scheme, which should be thematic.

2. Is the service poor, okay, or fabulous?

Training is critical when it comes to managing a restaurant because the working environment is fluid and highly intense. It means the coordination between waiters, kitchen helpers, cooks, assistant chefs, and chefs have to be on point. If you sense a bit of disorder, then you are not in a good restaurant.

For example, waiters may seem undecided on heading for your table or another one. Having multiple orders mixed up is also a sign of disorganization. In a good restaurant, the service works like clockwork because they have perfected it through training and constant practice.

elegant waiter carrying a plate

3. Listen to other people in the restaurant and watch the crowd

Observe what is happening in the restaurant. If the people are too few at a peak hour of the restaurant business, then you’re probably at a place that serves bad food.

Listen to the people who have just ordered and started eating. Are they complaining about their food or do they find it delicious? If people start walking out of the restaurant before finishing their meals, then that’s probably a sign that you should do the same.

4. The ambiance says it all

A good restaurant will always have the right setting so that you can feel comfortable while enjoying your meal.

For example, the music will be low and soothing because people would like to enjoy as they dine together. The chairs will be comfortable so that you can sit through a five-course meal without getting tired. The silverware and the China will also be exquisite.

This kind of setting is a sign of a restaurant owner who is intent on pleasing his clients.

If you have absorbed all of the above and you’re wondering how to find good mexican restaurants near you, visit this page and you’ll find all you need to know.