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Content Manager Module

Content Workflow, Content Versioning, Content Update & Approval


User to login to Edit Content:
Username: editor
Password: password
(Or you can register as a user, then you can receive email notification from your own email)

User to login to Approve Content:
Username: approver
Password: password

User to login to Publish Content:
Username: publisher
Password: password

Test Module - Registered user can edit this module, then login as Approver, Publisher


Hi - this is a sample of edited content.

San Francisco, California (CNN) -- The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge reopened Monday, six days after two steel rods and a steel crossbeam plummeted from the span and caused a traffic nightmare for hundreds of thousands of commuters.

Crews have worked around the clock since Tuesday night's mishap. Final inspections were completed Monday morning, said Bart Ney, a spokesman for the California Department of Transportation.

This is some edited content from LM and here is a pic test test test test

This is new and added by John.

John again

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Pongo contenido en español para saber q fui yo


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