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Content Manager Module

Content Workflow, Content Versioning, Content Update & Approval



Content workflow. Content must be approved by authorized role before it is published on website, email notification once content is updated. Version manager to control content update history.

Improved Content Workflow, Content Versioning, Content Update & Approval

v5.0 New Features:

  • Support DNN 5.5 and above only! (To support earlier version of DNN, please refer to v4.2)
  • Implemented iPortal, allows you import/export content to differenet pages/modules effortlessly.
  • Enhanced user interface

v4.1.6 New Features:

  • Allow you bulk import Text/Html module from your portal!!!

v4.0 New Features:

  • Supports multi levels of workflow, Edit >> Approve >> Publish >> Expiry.
  • Option to set email reminder, for content pending for approval, pending for publishing, and expiring content.
  • Auto schedule for content archival
  • Auto house keeping, keep only a latest # of version you specified

v3.0 Main Features:

  • Various content status: Draft, Pending, Rejected, and Approved 

  • Minor bugs fixed from v2.x
  • Support DNN3.1x, (New Release Now Supports DNN3.2, DNN4.0!!!)

v2.2 Main Features:

  • each version, you can define Publish Date and Expiry Date for the content
  • preview the whole page with that version of content.

v2.1 Features (with many small bugs fixed from v2.0):

  • Content Type with content routing across the portal
  • Define Routing algorithm for each content type
  • Link module to one of the content type / routing
  • An additional module to display a list of content pending for approval for the active user 

v1.3.1 Features:

  • Searchable within the portal

  • Content workflow 

  • <Email notification for content update
  • Custom email message for email notification
  • Custom defined content approval role
  • Custom defined Email Notification Role
  • Custom defined content update role
  • Version manager to manage content history
  • View, edit content history
  • One click to URL for content Approval or Rejection
  • Email notification for content Approval or Rejection

Suitable for approval is needed for web content update, also control the history of the web content...

Screen Shot of Content Version Manager:

One click access for Content Approval: Content Moderator will receive an email with link to this page, make it very easy to approve content.

Define Content Types and workflow, and email notifications:

For each version of content, you can specify the publish date and expiry date:

Content Moderator View:

Content Editor View:

An additional module (Content Approval) to display a list of content pending for approval for the active user:

Content Manager 4.2 Standard Enterprise
DNN Installation 1 Unlimited
Developer Environment Installation 1 Unlimited
Unlimited Email Support YES YES
Private Assembly (PA) YES YES
Source Code NO YES

DNN 4.7 and above

Allow re-distribution NO NO
.NET Framework


Click here to view demo

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