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Flash Calendar Instructions

The Flash Calendar module is provided as an add-on module to allow you display events in your own style.

It is flexible and easy to configure the background image and the default flash file.

You can download the free resources from the link below, and you are also free to develop you own images and flash.

If you are developing on your own, the specification will be:

  1. Background image file: gif, png, or jpg, size 800x180px.
  2. Flash file: .swf, size 600x180px. (This flash file will be played when you load the Flash Calendar page, if the user click on a particular day with events, this flash file will become invisible to show the event detail)

Free Resources Download for Flash Calendar

 TitleModified DateSize (Kb) 
800 x 180 background images1/29/20102,580.09Download
Flash calendar source file7/15/2009103.75Download
600x180px default flash file7/13/2009147.44Download
600x180px default flash file source7/15/2009165.01Download

Import Events from CSV File Template

 TitleModified DateSize (Kb) 
Instruction to prepare CSV file template9/18/2011UnknownDownload
ECR5.0 CSV Import File Template9/18/20110.77Download

Tips for flash calendar

The Flash Calendar module is the impressive part of the module that can truely add value to your website, it requires the following two additional resources to display properly.

1. Background image.
This file should be 800x180px in size. How to isplay the image from the image on the left? It is very flexible, you just need to set the left side of the background image to be transparent, so that transparent part becomes a window to show the event image.

For example, in the background images you download from the left, the transparent part at the left side is a 180x180 square. So the event image will appear/displayed in this square window.

So if you want more style or design for your website, you are free to design the background image to have a transparent window in all different shapes. For example, it can be in a circle, oval, star or whatever shape you like.

2. Default flash to load.
This flash file is a normal flash file 600x180px in size. You can use the default the flash file download from the left or deisgn your own flash very easily. This is very useful to highlight or showcase some special events or anyother things. If you do not know how to design flash, you can easily find one at

Or you can even contact, we are happy to design the flash for you starting from a nomical investment of US$50/-.

If you have any further problem with this, feel free to visit our support: