Author: Patsy Adams

Governor Christie’s Bad Math

New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie’s math has failed him for the sixth straight year.  Right on schedule, his revenue projections have fallen short, this time to the tune of $600 million. The state government is now forced to revise its budget in light of the tax collection shortfall, impacting the coming fiscal year.  This amounts to a total of $1 billion, and an impact spread over two annual budgets. Perhaps wisely, Christie has stated publicly that the budget shortfall won’t affect public-employee pensions, this go around.  But the perennial solution of dipping into the state’s surplus is on the...

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Look No Further for Your Motivation to save for Retirement Now

A big part of the American Dream is the pay off when work ceases and retirement begins.  Whether we dream of the time we’re finally free to hop on the Orient Express, or lay on a hammock in Thailand for the rest of our lives, retirement is the Holy Grail of every American’s working life. But how in the heck do we plan on paying for it?  It pays to be aware of the shifting financial landscape, particularly where health care costs are concerned. Buddy can you spare $500K? If you’re a reaching retirement age this year (and you’re...

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