Welcoming a new baby into your family is supposed to be a glorious occasion.

While new parents may spend some sleepless nights worrying about having a healthy child, they are never prepared mentally or financially to cope with the potential problems.

What is worse is that not only do they need to be concerned about genetic conditions and pregnancy issues, they also hope that the delivery won’t cause injury to their child. Unfortunately, this does happen and can result in brain injury.

Brain injuries at birth have many causes; in this article we will point out only some:

The Main Cause of Brain Injury at Birth

Even if parents are diligent to use the most experienced and meticulous delivery team, mistakes and medical negligence can occur.

If the delivery process is not done properly, the baby does not get the oxygen and blood flow it needs, and brain trauma can result. The lack of oxygen is the main cause of brain injury. The result leaves the child with intellectual disabilities or even cerebral palsy.

Other Causes of Brain Injury

There are other situations which can also result in brain injuries at birth, making it sometimes challenging to ascertain which the actual culprit is.

Other potential causes of brain injuries include:

Physical Trauma – Although the brain damage is not caused by decreased oxygen or blood flow, this is also a negligent cause. Improper use of forceps or mishandling can result in physical trauma to the child’s fragile head – resulting in brain injury.

Infections – The lack of medical care during pregnancy can also be to blame for infant brain damage. If the mother has an infection such as herpes, syphilis, varicella, or rubella, the child can be born with brain damage. Not receiving proper care for preeclampsia can also put the baby at risk.

Not Obtaining Post Birth Care – Just as it is important to have medical attention during pregnancy, it is also important to seek it for the baby right after birth. Conditions such as untreated jaundice can easily result in severe brain damage.

a pregnant woman and her tummy

Signs of Brain Injury

Sometimes it is clear that something is wrong, yet other times it may take months or even years to recognize. An infant may exhibit symptoms such as:

  • excessive crying and fussiness
  • seizures
  • distorted facial features
  • abnormal shape of head or spine
  • feeding problems
  • trouble sleeping.

Later on, it’s important to gauge if there are developmental delays, including cognitive, perceptual or physical issues.

Getting Help

Those that suspect their child has suffered brain damage caused by medical malpractice should contact an attorney. The lifetime of costs involved with caring for the child is beyond that of most families.

When parents turn to a birth injury attorney Indianapolis, it’s not just about punishing the medical professional; it is about getting help with those costs and giving the child the best care possible.