Moving on from an acrimonious Primary season, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, is turning her attention to Donald Trump.  In a recent interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Clinton sent a strong message to Bernie Sanders – the Primaries are over and she’s the nominee.  “It’s already done”, she stated during the interview.

Clinton refused to respond to questioning as to whether she’d consider the Senator from Vermont as a potential running mate.  She warned that Sanders should now stop fighting a race he’s already lost and focus on helping her unite the party to defeat GOP presumptive nominee, Donald Trump.

The lesson of 2008.

Clinton reminded Cuomo about the 2008 Democratic nomination, saying that 40% of her supporters had been adamant about not supporting now President Barack Obama, should he be nominated.  The 2008 contest was as contentious as this year’s, Clinton recalled.  But both she and Obama did what was necessary to pull the party behind the eventual nominee to ensure victory.

But a truculent Bernie Sanders isn’t about to admit defeat, even in light of Clinton’s formidable lead in pledged delegates, super delegates and the popular vote.  His campaign responded to the CNN interview with its steadfast insistence that Sanders was, in fact, the candidate best placed to beat Trump.  This, despite numerous polls to the contrary and Senator Sanders’ position at third in terms of the popular vote.  A statement from Sanders’ campaign declared that “…millions of Americans have growing doubts about the Clinton campaign”, neglecting to mention that more than 12 million have already voted for her in the primaries.

Clinton moves on.

Clinton has now made a decisive pivot toward November, with her criticism of Donald Trump taking on a much sharper tone.  Referring to the presumptive GOP nominee as “unmoored”, as well as “divisive and dangerous”, Clinton further declared Trump unqualified to be President.

The former Secretary of State was also extremely critical of Trump’s recent statements concerning Muslims and his proposal to ban entry to the USA by people of the Muslim Faith.  Referring to the idea as “provocative”, Clinton insisted it sends a “message of disrespect” to important allies of the US who host Muslim majority populations.  She added that Trump was acting as a recruiter for terrorist causes by attacking Muslims.

Trump’s rhetoric about women to be used against him.

In her CNN interview, Clinton insisted she wouldn’t respond to Trump’s characterization of her as an “enabler” of her husband, former President Bill Clinton’s infidelities.  Calling Trump’s remarks a fishing expedition, Clinton said she would focus on “what he says about other people”, rather than her.  A Clinton-supporting super PAC (Priorities USA) has already done so, running ads against Donald Trump which highlight abusive language directed at women.

With the Primaries now mostly behind her, Hillary Clinton appears ready for what promises to be an historic fight for the Oval Office.  Touting her experience, her strength under fire and her refusal to engage Donald Trump at the level of tabloid politics, Clinton is ready to leave the Primaries and Senator Sanders behind on the road to November.