Today, in this 21st century, the Internet has brought in a revolution. With the Internet, wireless communication is on the rise. It is both useful for voice and data applications. Analysts’ survey has revealed that wireless communication is one of the fastest growing segments of telecommunication industry.

The skill to control the increasing wireless expenses for corporate environment can be a real challenge. While some companies hire IT experts to bring down the cost in wireless communication, statistics say that 35% of companies do not take the initiative.

Knowing your Wireless Inventory

In a large office, it’s difficult to track each and every wireless device. But cell phone audit is really important if you want to control your wireless expenses.

This all-inclusive list should include everything: from company-owned devices to employee-owned devices. These data should be submitted in a spreadsheet. This method will track the unused devices, which can therefore be eliminated from the inventory.

Keeping Track of your Wireless Usage

Once the Cell Phone Audit is done and unused devices have been eliminated, it’s important to select the best wireless usage plan for each wireless device.

Now, to fully take control over your wireless expenses, the generic data plan is not that much effective, because some users are high-end users (they use data more than average), some are average users, and some are low-end users.

Make three different lists, based on your employee’s date usage. Once this data is fully compiled, assign these appropriate groups with appropriate plans. It will obviously be a more cost-effective plan than your older one used to be.

Take Ownership of all Wireless Devices

Every wireless device under the domain of a specific corporate environment should be owned by you, the company owner. This might add a certain resistance from the employees, but this is very important in order to control wireless expenses. Employees may keep devices on a contractual basis, and upon the expiration of contracts, have to transfer ownership to the company.

Incorporating a Written Wireless Policy

Incorporating a written wireless policy will work like a tuned swiss watch. Employees in a company will always abide by the company policies. The policy will state how and when the wireless devices should be used, and on reprimanding, penalties should be issued.

If your company is currently going through a wireless management problem and you cannot solve it, consider consulting an expert in this regard. The cost saving will easily pay for the consultation fees.