Bail bonds are a great convenience when you cannot bear the thought of spending an indefinite number of days in police custody, and you have no instant cash to pay bail. The prospect of spending time in jail is anything but appealing, which is why bail is so important for most people.

How Do Bail Bonds Work?

Bail works by temporary buying you freedom when there’s a suspicion that you’re involved in some crime. Thus, instead of being held in police custody for a misdemeanor, you pay a predetermined amount of money and are free to go until the day you have to appear before a trial court.

It’s important to note that you can only be released on bail when authorities are convinced that you’re not a threat to public safety, even though they suspect you’ve committed a crime.

When you don’t have the required amount of money to pay bail, you can go to registered bondsmen, working with bail bonds agencies, and borrow the money you need for your release. The bondsmen will require you to make the cash payment of about 10% of the money needed to pay your bail.

Although the rest of the money you give to the authorities as bail will be refunded to you, the money you pay to the bondsmen is non-refundable.

Looking on the bright side – it helps you get out of a rather tight spot.

Should You Consider Bail Bonds?

To answer this question, all you need to do is look at the alternative. You’ll be facing several days in jail if you don’t get bail money real quick, and the time you spend in there can be a great personal loss.

For one thing, this is the time you would ordinarily spend earning a living or pursuing other important things in your life. It’s the time that will be forever lost to you – a hefty price to pay compared to bail money.

Additionally, having to stay in jail for an indefinite time can be painful for the people in your life – your family and friends. If you have the option giving bail money, then at least do it for the sake of your loved ones.

Other reasons why you should consider getting speedy bail bonds NJ are:

  • To keep you safe from jail mentality and attitudes, which mostly connote guilt even for innocent persons.
  • You have free communication with your attorneys, which will help them build a strong case for your defense.
  • You have no idea how long your lawyers will take to prepare a trial case.


So, to answer the question: YES, bail bonds do work, and you should consider them if you’re in a tight spot.

The alternative of staying in jail is clearly not the best. For all you know, you might just get acquitted, so at least have some faith and enlist the help of bail bonds agencies.