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Advanced Articles Event Calendar & Registration

One of the most flexible article/announcements/news modules ever!

Fully custom defined, template based display format, schedule publish date, expiry date. option to display expired articles, option to display site-wide articles across different portals within same DNN database, option to pop up a window to view description, option to display picture and summary, and many more.

Complete out-of-the-box solution for events management and registration.

The best DNN module in handling events and registrations.
Fully customizable, template based with tokens, ready to use with factory settings, complete calendar of events and registration module with seamless payment gateway integration.

Content Manager Facility Booking
Content Workflow, Content Versioning, Content Update & Approval

Content must be approved by authorized role before it is published on website, email notification once content is updated. Version manager to control content update history.

Facility Booking, Meeting Room Booking, Equipment Booking

Complete, easy to use resources booking system allows you to take control and plan resources in a multi user environment.


I really like this calendar, and installed it on a high profile web site: Livermore Chamber of Commerce. They love the new calendar. Tech support questions were answered very quickly, and installation was a breeze. Plan to use it on more of my DNN sites in the future!    - Thomas P
The product is very easy to use and customise. The support has been phenomenal. I strongly advise anyone looking for an events calendar extension for DNN to use this system.  - Maughan J

Excellent module. The calendar is easy to configure and customize. The satellite module is delightfully easy to customize. The "token" variables and open design allows for complete design integration. The one bug I encountered was immediately addressed by the developer.  - David C

Welcome to!

Events Calendar & Registration 6.0.1 is now released!
10/29/2012 1:55:00 AM by Gary D.
v6.0 1. New token for event date for registration data: [REGISTEREDEVENTDATE] 2. New token for registration data: [REGFIRSTNAME], [REGLASTNAME], [REGEMAIL] 3. Added custom payment URL and allow user defined parameters to be posted to URL 4. Added new payment gateway: QuickPay, for Europe users 5. Fixed: tz in URL change to not case senstive 6. Added option to choose not to use friendly URL 7. Added Sortable table view for Satellite module - You can sort by any data from the event info. - You can choose what field to display from the event info. - Allow filter by location, title and date. - Allow paging, e.g. 20 events per page. - You can define the sorting header text. - You can choose to link to one or more main calendar module to show events. 8. New token: [CALENDARMODULETITLE] to render the calendar module title. 9. New token: [CALENDARPAGETITLE] to render the calendar page title. 10. Promo code can be displayed on confirmation page and notification email 11. Fix: Calendar dropdown works on List view 12. Fix: Special characters in tittle error 13. New module to display category listing to filter events: - Event Calendar by Category 14. Fix: Download attachment not working for DNN5.6++ 15. Fix: venue info in default template email is not working. 17. Fix: Export excel in dnn6.1.x++ error. 18. Fix: Send mass mail error at Registration Manager 19. Fix: Mark as paid, total amount is wrong for multiple events registration 20. Fix: OptionalItems in notification emails displaying numbers only 21. Bundled items sort by description 22. Fix: Satellite: small calendar navigation month only display first 10 dAYS events 23. Fix: Sorting order for events from different module 24. Added [VIEWCOUNTS] token to show event detail View Counts 25. Fix: Comments & Rating not working with jQuery 1.6.2++ on DNN6. 26. Reg Manager, added option to filter only Paid registrations 27. Reg Manager, added feature to delete unpaid registrations 28. Option to skip first, last step of registration process 29. Option to hide discount code at payment page 30. [DESCRIPTION] now accepts text length parameter: [DESCRIPTION|100] to show first 100 chars 31. Fix: When approve event, no data posted to social integration module 32. DNN Social integration: Post to DNN journal 33. Fully customizable, template based content for social integration 34. Revamped module: Attendance Management module 35. Fix: pop up window resources not found if DNN is installed as virtual directory 36. Integrated with 3rd party module:BBImageHandler, new usage with token to show thumbnail, example: [PICTURESRC|
] 37. Auto resize event picture when it is uploaded (if it is larger than max size specified)

Latest Discussion in Forum

Is this module compatible with Evoq Content 7.3.3?
Has anyone else had this problem. I need to get my email notifications working again.
04 Dec 2014 02:46 AM - RE: Event Log Error
We're seeing this too and are wondering if this is related to our event reminder emails not going out timely (too early or too late)
20 Oct 2014 01:07 AM - RE: Logviewer full with errors
Anyone else with this problem?
For many DNN instances we have the same problem, log is full with this error: ActiveTabName: Cliënt RawURL: /desktopmodules/eventscalendar/downloaddoc.aspx?f=7YZ5yhZTK09UkmEeYXuJTUnqpQQc-kv9I2JTYs

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