Just when you thought the mythical 1% couldn’t get anymore mythical, a whole new trend is being born in that rarefied world.  From the carport to the kitchen, the uber wealthy are finding new shades of green to make the rest of us turn.  Not content with vast yachts and vacations which cost a year’s mortgage payments for most, those at the top of the food chain are finding creative new ways to splurge on their homes.  If there’s a way to trick out a top-of-the-line mansion, who better to find it than the people with all the loot?

Sunset Strip in Los Angeles hosts $22 million worth of house that raises conspicuous consumption to a whole new level.  In it, the following are only some of the over-the-top accoutrements you’ll find, should you be lucky enough to get invited inside its exclusive and palatial doors.

Car culture takes on a whole new meaning.     

Not content to house their pricey rides in a mere garage, the wealthy are now moving to provide their vehicular acquisitions with the benefit of culture.  Why shouldn’t the personal transportation of the privileged spend its off hours in the company of fine art?  It’s just one more way to spend all that money.  After all, its in support of the arts and most probably a tax write off.  Expertly lit, these garage galleries invite admiration, with viewing rooms which allow guests to take in the cars as well as the artwork.

But what are one’s guests to drink while taking in the fruit of your bulging bank statement?  Why, the fruit of the vine, of course!  When showing off one’s collection of fine motor cars, what could be more inviting than offering viewers some equally fine wine from your wine rack – motorized and two stories high?  There’s plenty to look at in a garage which accommodates no fewer than seven cars, with a twin structure used as storage for all the other pricey toys one has collected.

Why should the garage have all the fun?

Not content to provide a lavish bathroom for each of its five bedrooms, the Sunset Strip extravaganza has no fewer than ten.  No more waiting to use the loo at this monument to ostentatious living.  And when you’re done washing your hands, you can head to the basement lounge.  Here you’ll be treated to a view into the swimming pool, via an enormous window.  Did I mention the bar?

As I write, architects are scrambling to reproduce the Sunset Strip home’s concept, translating that basement lounge into a main floor great room.  As though that weren’t enough, master bathrooms in such extravagant living quarters will now be graced with their very own living rooms.  At least that’s the case at Estates Del Sur, in San Diego.  This luxurious community of homes for the hyper-monied features bathrooms which transition to outdoor living areas with their own fireplaces and several areas for well-heeled inhabitants to sit and relax.  But if you can’t get into the master bath, you won’t be visiting their living rooms.  They’re completely private, offering an exclusive oasis for their doubtlessly harried owners.

Chances are nobody reading this will ever experience the wonders of homes like the one on LA’s storied Sunset Strip.  Meanwhile, up on Mt. Olympus, the monied few luxuriate Roman Imperial splendor.