Modern design trends in 2018 are orientated towards the tendency of people to support each other and protect the environment, living peacefully in harmony and not just spending money.

Flashy decorating ideas of the past are forgotten. Design trends in 2018 are all about creating functional and modern interiors.

Luxury Italian furniture is always a great inspiration for modern interior design trends. The focus is to create spaces and improve communication between people. The result is a friendly room that doesn’t need to be expensive.

Here are some of the most important features of modern design trends in 2018:

1. Providing Coziness

Modern interior designs are characterized by light room dividers, small spaces for different tasks, comfortable corners that allow relaxation and the enjoyment of peaceful moments in style. Decorating these small zones provides luxurious and trendy comfort.

light comfortable apartment

2. Modern Colors

The dominant color palette in 2018 includes green and brown shades, blue, white, black, dark red, soft orange and deep yellow.

A modern color scheme is often balanced with vivid details in metal grey or golden.

3. Dark Wood, Cork, Bright Lights

Light, brown woody colors are very appealing and especially look nice in small places. Cork is also very popular.

Great lightning ideas combined with wood create spacious and inviting rooms.

4. Simplicity Meets Metal

Simple, geometric, clean and elegant designs combined with the influx of
retro-modern designs are all stylish options for interior design in 2018.

5. Recycle

Recycling projects are very popular as they manage to create attractive and unique artworks.

6. Being Economical and Original

Fresh color combinations add a special touch to existing decors. Textures can be blend in a creative and attractive way that make modern and inexpensive trends.

green living room

7. Custom Carpentry, Wood Crafts

Eco-friendly decorating ideas are very popular. They can be added as a new twist with houseplants as they personalize rooms and create very comfortable spaces.

8. Ceramics, Glass, Metal

Current modern trends in decorating include terra-cotta tiles, ceramic vases, decorative accents, and art. Glass and metal elements bring elegant shine into modern interiors in 2018. It all contributes to a stylish, exclusive and bright look of rooms.

9. Leather and Natural Stone

Decorative home accents like shelf holders, handmade leather flowers, and wall artworks are all stylish and modern design features in 2018. Natural stone adds to a sophisticated and original look.

10. Colorful details

An interesting fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian style create a neutral palette and a light touch of color. In this way, modern interiors feel comfortable, spacious, energetic and luxurious.

living room fusion design