A wedding is undoubtedly the most significant moment in your life as a human being. This is the more reason why you would desire for everything to go on perfectly and in accordance with the choices you made. The last thing you would want to do is to leave anything to chance. Any flaws and mistakes should not present themselves on this special day.

It, therefore, goes without saying that planning your wedding in NJ well ahead of time is a key ingredient in its recipe for success. However, for your wedding plan to positively pan as expected requires a good wedding planner.

Importance of a Great Wedding Planner

Hiring a good wedding planner can go a long way in making your wedding a success. This is because they save you money, time and alleviate stress. The following reasons show how useful wedding planners are:

Stress – A good wedding planner will effectively deal with the stressful aspects of your wedding and alleviate your mind from stress. They coordinate each and every meeting, ask the right questions and will avail themselves whenever clarification of details is required. Everything is guaranteed to run smoothly so that you can spend quality time with friends and family.

Prioritization – A good wedding planner will assist you in creating a realistic budget and will guide on where to channel your money appropriately.

Uninterrupted routine – Hiring a good wedding planner will enable you to go about your daily routine without any interruption whatsoever. This is most applicable for potential brides and grooms who reside far from their wedding venue.

Referee – A wedding planner can be the go-between when you and your spouse disagree on aspects of your weddings. The wedding planner will help you to both decide on a single alternative.

How to Pick a Great Wedding Planner

How to pick a great wedding planner for your wedding can be the most challenging task you’ll ever come across. This is because the wrong decision will haunt you forever as weddings are the most anticipated milestones. The following are guidelines on how to go through the process:

  • Personal liability and professional indemnity insurance – A good wedding planner should be one that takes all steps to protect you in case of any eventuality. They should have the right insurance policies that will cover you appropriately in case of any undesired outcome.
  • Budget – A good wedding planner should be one that will help your wedding to stay within the planned budget. He should be able to make suggestions to you that will save you money and help you stay on track to the D-Day.
  • Professional testimonials – A great wedding planner should willingly provide you with the names of his recent clients so that you get their honest reviews. If his clients and colleagues are happy with his work, go ahead and hire him.
  • Creativity – An excellent wedding planner is one that quickly brainstorms on your ideas and provides solutions on how to achieve your dream wedding.

Some of the other considerations include the following:

  • The willingness of the planner to step in as your advocate to convey your desires and visions in case you are unable to do it.
  • If the planner handles professional payment processing, services and contracts.
  • The number of weddings he has planned in total.
  • If the planner does both coordination and design.


With the above useful tips, you should know how to pick a great wedding planner for your wedding.

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