Your home should be a place of refuge and coziness. It’s not wise to cut corners when it comes to your home heating.

Thankfully, homeowners have plenty of options when it comes to providing heat for their home. For example, Warmly Yours floor heating systems are a good option. However, before you make a decision, it’s best that you know the pros and cons of floor heating.


Ultimate Comfort

Traditional ways of heating the room usually involve blowing in warm air. It might do the job, but warm air takes a long time to warm your floors. This usually means that you’d still feel that cold sting as you walk around the house.

Floor heating is different as you are warming the floor. This means that you’d have that warm feel both for your feet and skin as you move around.

Even Distribution Of Heat

Using hot air to warm the room means that you rely on air distribution and circulation to evenly distribute the heat. It’s something that traditional heating is not very good at. If you have cold spots in your house, then it’s likely because of poor warm air circulation.

The great thing about floor heating is that your heating the entire bottom part of the room evenly. Since warm air move from bottom to top, this translates to even distribution of heating.


Some traditional heating systems need to be visible in a room, which may pose a significant challenge when it comes to decorating. With floor heating, you won’t be dealing with such problem as the heating system is hidden.


Takes Time

Floor heating system relies on warming the flooring, which then warms the air directly above the floor. Since turning up the temperature too high is not an option (unless you’re okay burning your feet), it would take a while for the heating system to heat the air and then the room. However, this can easily be solved with the use of a timer to heat the floor in advance.

High Upfront Costs

Floor heating systems are more difficult and expensive to install compared to the conventional method. This means that your upfront cost will be higher. On the upside, floor heating systems are more energy efficient, which means lower utility bills.

A floor heating system can offer plenty of advantages for the homeowner. It provides more comfort, it distributes heat more evenly, and it’s invisible when compared to the conventional ways of home heating methods. Of course, it has its downsides.

If the issues that we mention above is not a big deal for you, and the upsides are attractive, then floor heating is definitely worth checking out.