Crowdfunding is a great method to raise money, even if it’s for a noble cause or a research. Organizing a crowdfunding campaign might seem simple at first sight, but it can actually be very tricky. If you don’t plan every detail, you have a great chance to fail. That’s why it’s crucial to prepare the campaign beforehand, and not launch it until you’re sure that everything will turn out fine.

In the following, we will tell you more about crowdfunding mistakes and explain why most people fail at it.

1. Forgetting to Involve Your Friends and Family

In a successful crowdfunding, you should raise at least 30% of your campaign’s goal on the day it launches. If you don’t manage to do that, your campaign will probably fail. Without asking your friends and family to help with your cause, you have no chance to raise that much money in such a short time.

2. Not Having an Email List

According to Rob Towles, a successful entrepreneur, if you want your crowdfunding campaign to succeed, you need to create an email database of all the people that might be interested in contributing to your cause. Many people tend to ignore this critical step, or they just decide to do it after the campaign’s launch. Notice that building an email list is a complicated task which might take weeks – even months – and if you don’t have it before the official launch, your chances of reaching the goal will be significantly decreased.

3. Forgetting to Publish the Campaign On Social Media

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This isn’t a very common mistake, but still, some people forget or don’t know that they should share the campaign on a social media platform. A site like Facebook or Twitter is perfect for a campaign of this kind; people can find out about your cause and even share the story with other users.

4. Not Involving the Media

TV stations and newspapers are pretty receptive when it comes to a crowdfunding campaign, especially if it’s for a noble cause. However, if you don’t let them know what you’re doing, they won’t be able to help you and share your story. Also, some people are involving the media too soon and cannot show that their campaign has potential. To show them that it has, you should only contact them when you’ve reached at least 30% of your objective.

5. Throwing the Towel Too Soon

A crowdfunding campaign should not have a predetermined deadline, and you should continue doing it until you reach your goal. Still, some people seem to forget this and they tend to stop the campaign when things are going slow or when people are no longer interested in their campaign’s topic. Don’t do that because the situation might turn in your favor at any point.

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