Sports Physiotherapy is a growing field which requires specialized training after completing a masters degree or doctorate in Physiotherapy. Unlike the typical physiotherapist, the role of a Sports Physiotherapist is to help athletes through:

Sports medicine is a field that is in very high demand. There are no shortages of job opportunities once you have finished your education.

However, to work in this field, you first must put in a lot of work and study. Most professionals working in the field of sports medicine put in many years of studying and then long hours of work once they are in the job. But if you enjoy sports, medicine, helping people and working hard, this might be a profession for you.

If you are thinking of becoming a Sports Physiotherapist, here is what you need to know:


To become a Sports Physiotherapist, first you must become a Physiotherapist. This involves several years of university study. Canada requires therapists to hold a Masters degree in Physiotherapy while the education requirements in some areas in the US requires that students obtain a Ph.D.

Once the student has passed the courses and licensing exam, then he can apply to specialize in sports medication. To get into a specialized program, your work experience is just as essential as your education. Many programs only want students who have worked as a physiotherapist for a minimum of two years and had hands-on experience in the field.


Sports physiotherapists work with anyone who plays sports. This includes adults, children, persons with disabilities, recreational sports athletes, school or amateur teams and professional athletes. Patients play all types of sports at all different levels and come in seeking medical aid for injuries that they have received from playing their sport.


Once you have obtained all of the credentials, you can go anywhere to find a job. The demand is very high and growing, so there are lots of opportunities available for the budding graduate.

However, many Sports Physiotherapists work long hours. This is not a Monday to Friday job. Many specialists have to be available when the team is playing and put in long days.

If you love sports, enjoy helping people and don’t mind working hard, this might be the career for you.