Italy is the land of arts, culture, and monuments. It is popular for its sports cars and motorcycles, known for its cuisine, and it’s a home to the beautiful coasts, mountains, and lakes. Italy is a paradise for the tourists.

It doesn’t matter about what types of places you desire to see the most; Italy has everything in store for all kinds of travelers, and it will surely provide you with a unique travel experience.

As there are numerous places to visit in Italy, it’s important that you have enough time to cover all the Italy attractions.


This city is constructed on a lagoon, loaded with canals, without roads for cars. A romantic and poetic place full of art and history, popular for its San Marco square, its gondolas, its carnival and its large number of bridges and tremendous palaces.

There is a popular belief that the right time to visit Venice is not at the time of winter holidays because then the city can be covered by fog during the cold months – and that can carry away its magic. The right time to visit Venice is at the time of spring or carnival.

The Grand Canal in Venice makes one of the big water-traffic corridors in the city. It is good chance to ride on the water buses. It is an exciting experience to explore the 3800 meters long and 30 to 90 meters wide canal which stretches from Saint Mark Basin to the lagoon close to Santa Lucia railway station.



While in Italy, the primary thing which you must visit is the Colosseum. This is the word which you will listen the most when visiting the country. Colosseum is an elliptical amphitheater situated in the center of the capital of Rome.


Pompeii is a ruined and partially buried town; it’s one of the most famous tourist attractions, situated close to the modern day city – Naples. Pompeii was destroyed by a long catastrophic eruption of the volcano Mount Vesuvius that damaged and buried it in AD 79. The city went into oblivion, and then it was rediscovered again in 1748. Today, this city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Pompeii and Vesuvius

Vatican City

Does this place need any introduction? Possibly not. Vatican City is the heart of Catholicism, filled with artwork and history. It is situated within the city of Rome, and also the home to the Apostolic Palace.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

It is one of the seven wonders – you have heard about it since your childhood, probably. It is a campanile of the cathedral. Though the constructor wanted to construct it vertically, this 55.86m tower, because of the weak basement, began leaning to the southeast after the beginning stage of construction in the year 1173. The leaning tower gained its popularity because of this flaw.

Visitors can climb the tower stairs for a magnificent view of the city. This tower is also known as La Torre pendente.

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