Debt and loans can be quite stressful, especially if you don’t see any possibility of repaying them any sooner. The only solution to be relieved from the two is to deliberately plan on how to repay them.

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Piling up unsettled debt can be very serious. This situation is brought about by many factors; some willingly and others unexpectedly.

Thankfully, here are some of the perfect ways you can put into practice to get rid of debt gradually by the end of 2016:

1. Organize the Current Debt

Map out your existing debts, come up with principles and ways to repay them within a given period of time and consciously stick to them. List the debts from the smallest to the largest without considering the interest rates.

Set to repay your debts in the same chronological manner — this will boost your moral as you save and spare part of your income in repaying the already spent cost.

Gradual payment in installments is also another good option as you gain momentum every time you shift from one targeted amount to the other.

2. Make an Informed Decision and Stop Needless Borrowing of Money

The conversant decision reached through well-figured out and vigilant consideration helps a lot, especially if done for the right purpose.

Worthless borrowing of money to go out for a night-dance or holiday vacation should be ceased at this moment. Those are some of the unnecessary evils in our society, especially if your budget does not allow such luxuries.

Stay in the comfort of your home and try to work things out instead of continuous piling up of loans on other existing loans.

3. Repay the Debt Fully with the Excess Cash You Have

Partial debt repayment is not a bad way of settling debts, but repaying debts partially — even enough amount to cash out — brews more problems.

The more you sit around with money, the more the needs arise every single minute. It is always wise to repay fully the loans you had not settled, and then work hard to get the amount you can spend at your own pace.

This will help you realize the need for money — hence motivating you to work for it.

4. Do Not Hesitate to Work Hard

This is the perfect time to visualize your energy to the existing high demand for cash. At this certain point, you are required to work round the clock and always be productive in everything you intend to do.

If you have a paying talent, remember to do it to your best keeping in mind the debt you need to settle. Look for passive ways of getting an extra gig apart from the normal salary and this will boost the level of income, enabling you to pay part of your loans successfully.

5. Sacrifice by Making a Saving

Sacrifice? Yeah, learn to sacrifice some of your usual luxuries to make a good saving for repaying your debt.

A good saving plan comes with the most tempting sacrifice in your daily budget. Reduce the weekend outings and parties, avoid regular taxis and at least learn to board the public vehicles. This will help you save a good amount to settle the very debts.

Putting into practice these tricks, you are certainly set to stay free from debts and unsettled loans by the end of 2016.