Washing your car is the best way to maintain its body longevity. Dirt, road salt, and other debris build up, and with time can do serious damage to the car.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend lots of money washing your car as you can wash it by hand and make it shiny.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Park Your Car in the Shade

The shade helps to keep the car wet with less water and prevents premature drying which causes splotches on the paint.

Also, ensure that the windows and doors are closed, and the antenna is retracted.

2. Gather Everything You’ll Need

  • two buckets
  • sponge
  • wheel brush
  • car wash suppliesrags
  • a large supply of water
  • hose
  • car wash formula
  • soft towels
  • car wax
  • water-repelling glass treatment.

3. Start with the Washing

Fill one bucket with water and add car wash formula as directed on the label. Then fill the other bucket with plain water which you will use to rinse the car.

Begin by hosing the car to loosen the dirt. However, don’t use a strong jet as it can scratch the paint. Aim the jet downwards at any clustered dirt on the car.

Now work the solution in the first bucket to form soapsuds and soak the sponge. Apply suds on different car sections starting from the top and working your way to the bottom washing any dirt on the body.

Do not use a brush on the car body as it will cause scratches!

Wash each car section several times then move to the next section. Once you are done with each section, use the hose to rinse it off before moving on. This helps to prevent soapsuds from drying on the paint.

While washing, rinse the dirt out from the sponge in the bucket frequently.

Throughout the entire car wash, keep the car wet to prevent water spots from drying and staining the paint.

4. Clean the Lower Body

The lower body and the wheels are the dirtiest part of the car.

To clean the opening of the wheels, you will need a long, skinny brush. To clean the side walls, use a plastic brush.

Now rinse the bottom of the car at different angles with a spray nozzle. That’s especially important if the car has been exposed to salt. Use soft towels to dry the body rather than letting it air dry as it will leave you a water stained body. You can use a squeegee first to remove most of the water from the body.

shiny blue car

Lastly, wax the body of the car to protect the paint, and then apply water repellent on the glass to improve its visibility.

Follow these simple steps and your car will be as good and shiny as new.

In case something goes wrong or you simply don’t have time for washing the car at home, find a car wash near your location and enjoy the professional servicing of your beloved vehicle.