Reflexology is a holistic practice designed to keep a person’s body in balance while activating its natural healing abilities. One of its main aims is to restore the body’s original harmonic state.

How Does It work?

The basic idea behind reflexology is that the person’s entire body can be mapped out on their feet, with the various segments known as reflex points corresponding to particular areas of the body. For instance, the big toe is known to co-relate to the head.

By adequately working on these points using different thumb and finger techniques, an indirect stimulation can occur in particular areas of the body. This, in turn, will encourage whatever area is being worked on to re-balance through the release of pressure. It will also make it more active.

What Role Does Reflexology Play?

One of the main roles of reflexology foot massages is to relieve stress and tension, both of which can be quite detrimental if a person happens to be suffering from a particular illness.

With reflexology foot massages, you will also be able to effectively deal with such issues and release the blocked energy contained within your body. At the end of it all, a person will get the chance to achieve their desired level of equilibrium, which in turn will put them in the best mental and physical state to tackle any major or minor health issue that may come their way.

Aside from relieving stress, a reflexology foot massage can also help:

  • boost blood circulation
  • reduce pain
  • release toxins
  • induce a nice and deep state of relaxation.

In fact, most people who have experienced a reflexology foot massage before will tell you that they slept very well after their visit to the spa.

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