Natural disasters, accidents at workplace, accidents caused by somebody’s negligence – these are all things over which we don’t have control.

While nothing much can be done as far as natural disasters and accidents are concerned, each day hundreds of people suffer various types of accidents because of the negligence and mistakes of the others. It happens at the workplace, at home and at the office, and even while walking on the streets.

In this article, we’ll be looking at workers’ compensation and the various things one should keep in mind. Knowing the rules will certainly help in getting the right compensation depending on the type of injury or disability.

What Are the Types of Benefits

There are different types of disability benefits which are applicable:

Temporary Partial Disability Benefits

These benefits are, as their title says, temporary. An injured employee may be entitled to them during the process of recovery when he is NOT totally disabled. They apply when the worker can perform only limited or part-time duties at a reduced income level.

Such temporary disability also leads to disruption of income for a period of time. In such cases the insurance company is liable to pay compensation. It equals 50% of the difference between the average weekly wage of the covered employee and the wage earning capacity.

Temporary Total Disability Benefits

Many accidents at the work place could lead to total disability. This happens when the person concerned may not be in a position to undertake any work because he or she could be bedridden and his or her working faculties could have been impacted totally.

Here again the total disability could be temporary and permanent. In such cases the insurance company is liable to pay the temporary total benefits which should be equal to the income lost during the period of inaction.

Permanent Total Disability Benefits

In many cases the injuries could be so serious that the worker could be totally and permanently disabled. This could in the form of loss of both eyes, both arms, both feet, both legs, both hands and combination of any of the above.

In case of permanent total disability, the compensation payable will be decided after taking into account the cost of living on an annualized basis, and the same should not exceed 5% of the amount that is determined by the labor departments of the respective local governments.

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