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Event Calendar & Registration - Complete solution for calendar of events and events registration!


Event Calendar and Registration Module

Complete out-of-the-box solution for events management and registration. The best DNN module in handling events and registrations.

ANNOUNCING Latest Release 6.0.1!! 29 Oct 2012
Supports DNN 6.2.2++. For lower version of DNN users, the available options are v4.0, v5.0.6.
Refer to the official release notes on for details on the features and release note.

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Many features are provided by total 18 sub-modules, it has been the best seller for many years, used by thousands of professionals, quality guaranteed!
  1. Main Event Calendar Module
  2. Satellite Module
  3. Flash Calendar
  4. Payment Module
  5. Quick Add Event Module
  6. Search Module
  7. Reg Detail Module
  8. Promo Codes Module
  9. My Events Module
  10. Invenmanager.Comments
  11. Invenmanager.Comments.Admin
  12. Custom Properties
  13. My Attendees Module
  14. Event List Module
  15. Event Attendance Module
  16. Registration Manager Module
  17. Personal Events Module
  18. Events By Category Module

For upgrade policy:

Features - Events Registration Module.
  • Fully Customizable, Template Based With Tokens!
  • Ready To Use With Factory Settings, Hassle Free!
  • Supports Recurring Events
  • Supports Events Registration
Flash Calendar Features.
  • Different Views, Calendar View, List View, Day View
  • Supports Unlimited Categories With Permission Control
  • Supports Unlimited Sub-Calendars
  • Flash Calendar to Highlight Events On Home Page
Features of Satellite Module.
  • Unlimited Custom Properties, e.g. Kid's Name, etc.
  • Universal Satellite Module Display Events In Your Style
  • Integrated With Many Payment Gateways
  • Supports Token Replacements, Total Freedom
Payment Module Features.
  • Supports Localization, Have It In Your Own Language
  • Supports RSS Feed
  • Integrated DNN Search
  • Supports SSL For Payment Page
Feature at a glance, it comes with many themes:
Event Calendar Features. Event Calendar Features.
Event Calendar Features. Event Calendar Features.
Easy to access, easy to customize the Toolbar:
Integrated Flash Calendar to highlight your events:
Integrated Flash Calendar.
Customized by Accuraty Solutions
Different views of Flash Calendar: Different views of Flash Calendar:
Flash Calendar Different Views. Flash Calendar Different Views.
Easy to switch to different views:
Easy to Switch Different Views of Flash Calendar.
Daily, Weekly Event Calendar.
Manage event registrations is easy:
Manage Event Registration.
Easy to switch to day view:
Daily View - Event Calendar.
Online event registration: Accept online payment:
Online Event Registration. Online Event Payment.

View Main Calendar demo View Flash Calendar demo View Satellite Module demo Click here to download Event Calendar & Registration User Guide